Saturday, December 17, 2011

T-shirts!? What?

In the beginning, there was…boredom.  Left with very little to do before our next assignment, we were resigned to thinking of grander things when a simple audio book about small business was brought to our attention.  After listening to the book to and from work for a few days, we were convinced that not only could we start and maintain a small business, but we could succeed!  

So um, what would our business be?  Well we had a few criteria to meet.  The first was that it must be a low maintenance concept.  Soon to be working 60 hours a week and faced with a 45 minute 2 way transit time, it must be something simple for us.  That removes consulting and service from anything we would be capable of completing.  One of our founding members, Matt, has enjoyed living the Primal lifestyle for years and has felt, also for years, that he should do something related to that.  

Living with Matt allowed the remaining members to see the benefits of a primal lifestyle (delicious food with a healthy but simple workout!)  Naturally, it was the logical thing for us to do but we still had one thing missing, a product (seems kind of important!)  It was Matt, once again, to the rescue.  Why not sell shirts?  What better way to reach to the broader masses than on our bodies.  Ok, so we solved the problem of what we were going to sell, but we were still unsure how, why, or what it was going to look like.

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