Sunday, December 18, 2011

EvlovE idea

No joke, EvlovE came to one of us in a dream. We had really been focused for a few days on making a shirt relating to Crossfit. When Matt went to sleep that night, he had really been running through this idea, but it came to him in a dream!  By the time he woke up in the morning, he knew that we had to use cave art in our shirts, and he knew the company would be focused around the Aurochs.  Why the Aurochs?  Well you’d have to read the website for that!

After piling through various cave paintings, we finally settled on the picture we use now for the Aurochs.  Charlie came up with erasing the background and leaving the outline, which became a big focus for each of our drawings.  The three of us, after much debate came up with various ideas for what our shirts could look like.  We had a few ideas ready for shirt development but were unsure where to go to create the shirts.

The idea to use cave art is one that came to us as we tossed around the options with EvlovE.  None of us are artists and we don't like shirts with a lot of writing on them.  I'm not sure exactly when ancient cave paintings were realized as a great design, but, we were lucky to see that no one else really used these pictures on shirts.

We think the cave paintings are perfect to represent our industry.  The theme is to inspect your life to try and be happier and healthier by living simpler.  We believe that our ancient ancestors lived this simple life and were happier and healthier because of it.

Sure, they were dirtier than us and didn't have all the great luxuries/technologies that we use regularly today, but, they had the important things - the basic necessities.  That was all they worried about.  When they weren't hunting or working around the campsite they were enjoying one another's company and relaxing.  They really did live a wonderful life.

This idea is gradually being realized.  We want to be a coal in that fire.

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