Monday, December 19, 2011


To charge for shipping or not?

In order to keep things simple, we decided not to charge for shipping.  To compensate for this, we did increase the price of the T-shirts.  We feel this is a fair trade-off.

First of all, everyone likes to receive free shipping because everyone likes free!  Secondly, there is a post office nearby to our business location.  We can easily walk packages over to the post office, let them weigh them and ship them- easy.

We experimented to see how many T-shirts we could fit inside a white poly mailer bag.  We discovered that three shirts would fit easily.  More than three and we will have to ship inside a flat rate box.  This is not that expensive as small and medium flat rate boxes ship for around  five dollars and can hold around 15 shirts.  If someone wants to buy more than 15 and we have to pay more for shipping, that is OK too because we are just glad to be selling that many shirts.

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