Sunday, December 18, 2011

Selling Shirts

As many people know, there are lots of sites online with which to create shirts.  And we tried a few of them.  Again, and again, and again.  There was always something we disliked about each of them. And that problem is inherit with why we decided to create EvlovE in the first place, but that is for another time.  It was so impersonal, we couldn’t meet any of the creators, artists, or even salesman from any of the websites.  Fortunately, we had remembered seeing a local manufacturer in the months before.  Driving by the company, we decided to hop in and see what they could do for us.  It was amazing!  We met the salesman, the artists, the receptionist etc.  They could give us a better shirt, for a lower price, and with a smile.  It was great.  We had our shirts ready to go, and with great customer service to boot.
Last problem, our store.  While our shirt designs were being finalized, we were undergoing the new (to us anyways) problems of getting a business license and starting an online store.  With this came unique problems of being able successfully explain what we wanted to do with our business, and creating a friendly atmosphere for people to come, look around, maybe shop, but hopefully learn something about the Primal lifestyle.

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