Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update - January - Month 1

Total sales this month: 5

Another week has gone by and we haven't made any real sales yet.  Just some friends and family, which we are thankful for.  That is all we can really expect because we have no traffic to our site besides the people we tell.  Therefore, it is our goal to get more traffic!  How do we do that?

I've been reading some books about internet marketing and putting some of those ideas to work.  We recently registered our site on Google to aid the search engine in categorizing our site.  Now, when you search the words "evolve backwards" our site comes up (on the second page... hey- it's a start).

We are writing T-shirt review websites in hopes that they can mention our shirts on their blog.  Some of those big t-shirt sites get a lot of traffic that we can capitalize on.

We also started using Twitter, which Charlie is in charge of.  None of us are familiar with Twitter but we are learning.  Our name is Evlove.

We still love the idea of our shirts and do think they will sell enough to turn a profit.  If there is anything that you think we are missing on our site that would help, please let us know by writing us at

I will update again soon!  Sooner than last time.  Thanks

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