Monday, January 23, 2012

Copy and Paste Error!?

Upon receiving our first batches of T-shirts from our printing company we looked them over and thought they had come out terrific.  Luckily, before we began selling, Charlie noticed that the name of the cave from which the Lions art came from was misspelled... Misspelled on 100+ shirts!

After contacting the printing company we found out how this mistake was made.  As we worked with the designers, we emailed the text we wanted displayed on the back of each shirt.  They returned a picture proof of what the shirt would look like when printed.  We didn't zoom in to inspect the text on the shirts like we should have.  We assumed it was spelled correctly using "copy - paste" and unfortunately we assumed wrong.  To be fair, had we taken a closer look at the proof we would have found the error.  Since it was both of our faults, the company offered to make us a deal on future orders.

Now, what do we do with half our T-shirt inventory ruined?  We came up with a few ideas.  We could:
   1.  sell them as they are without making mention of the spelling error
   2.  sell them at a discounted price after mentioning the spelling error
   3.  give them away
   4.  give up

Obviously option 1 is hardly an option as that is not good business and could only have negative results.  Option 4 was no good either because we had already come so far.  We gave option 2 some thought but decided not to because we thought of a better idea.  We are giving them away with every order in hopes that it will encourage people to buy our shirts.  A 2 for 1 deal is a great way to sell more merchandise.  Sure, we are taking a loss, but, hopefully they sell quickly and we can re-order the correct design.

We hope that this can prove an advantage in starting our business.

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